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Avoid a dead phone battery, grab a BRICK today! 


So here's the scenario, you get to school... your phone's battery is at 30%. You're not worried because your charging cord is in your backpack... right? Nope. It is sitting at home on your desk. Uh oh. That 30% is now 25... What are you going to do?!

Breath. Then head to your NCSAC office and rent out a charging block! The BRICK charging stations can be found outside both of our NCSAC Offices and are available outside of our office hours for your convenience.

They're simple to use and FREE for the first 24 hours of use. 

Simply download the BRICK app, sign up, and start charging your phone. A $1 fee applies, but is reimbursed once you return the charging block to the kiosk. 
* Fees apply to renting longer than 24 hours. $1 per 30 minutes, $5 per day. 
To download the app, please click here

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