Virtual Club Fest 

It's like regular club fest, but safe and virtual!

If you've been curious about starting a club, or joining a club, this is an awesome opportunity for you! Below you'll find all of our active clubs, the times they're going to be available, OR an email address that you can use to reach out to the president. Want to join a club? Check us out on discord by clicking here  . One... uh.. perk?.. of this year is you can join a club regardless of which campus you attend! EX: you're a Welland Student, and you see a DJP Club, you can join it! 

DJP Campus


We are a student run club here at Niagara College. Where we pride ourselves on our guest speakers of industry professionals, our community events, as well as amazing networking possibilities.
Meet us at the following times:

Monday November 2nd - 10am - 3pm

 Wednesday November 4th - 10am - 3pm

DJP Campus

Sustainable Agriculture Society

The Sustainable Agriculture Society serves to provide a space for learning, networking, and professional development to those with a passion for agriculture, environmental restoration, and healthy food.
Meet us at the following times: 

Wednesday November 4th  9am - 3pm

Welland Campus

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine is an academic club trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the NC community and beyond. EIM is a Global health initiative, and our Club at NC makes up just a small fraction of that.
Meet us at the following times: 

Tuesday November 3rd 3:30 - 5:30pm

Thursday November 5th  12:30 - 2:30pm 

Welland Campus

Nerds and Geeks

We offer a range of activities and events for those interested in joining a close knit group of friends and fans of everything nerdy.
To join, or chat about the club hit the button below to send an email!


Welland Campus

The World Modern Martial Arts Federation

Martial arts is a discipline, a fitness regimen, and a form of self-defence that's

useful for all ages. 

Monday November 2nd - 3pm - 4pm
Tuesday November 3rd - 3pm - 4pm

DJP Campus

LOL: Loving Out Loud Club

This is L.O.L Club. We want to welcome you to our LGBTQ+ family and tell you that your experience at the college can be a great life change for you.
To join, or chat about the club, join our Zoom Hangout at the following time: 
Friday, November 6th - 12pm - 2pm

DJP Campus

The NC Hospitality, Financial, and Technology Professional Group

We are an international non-profit organization that has connected financial and technology professionals within the hospitality industry since 1952.
Meet us at the following time:

Tuesday November 3rd- 2pm - 3pm


DJP Campus

The Music Club

The music club is a group of musicians, who have a huge passion for making music. If you're looking for some people to play with, this is the group for you! 
Meet us at the following time: 

Monday November 2nd  12:30pm - 1:30pm 


Looking for more clubs?

Want to start your own? 

For more clubs, and information on how to start a club, the bottom below will take you to our official clubs page. There you'll learn how our clubs operate, how to start one, and the full list of all available clubs!