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Joining a club is a great way to get involved on campus!

Wanting to get involved more on campus? Looking for something to do outside of class? Want to meet some awesome people who think the same way as you? Below is a list of clubs for both campuses that you can join TODAY!

NCSAC Clubs are now on DISCORD! To join the NCSAC Clubs Discord, reach out to your club's president today.  

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Niagara College Art Club

A club to work and discuss art.

Francois Chirimwami


Come out and learn about different strains of cannabis, while forming an educated opinion about legalization, and common controversy 

Alex MacKinnon


We want to enjoy and talk about spirits while learning from industry members and how to implement those ideas into our future careers... And with the way 2020 has been going why not join the distilling club and learn something new!

Brandon Waller

Dungeons &
Dragons Club

Come out and play Dungeons and Dragons. Both new and experienced players are welcome to come out!

Devon Powell

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine is an academic club trying to encourage a healthy lifestyle among the NC community and beyond. EIM is a Global health initiative, and our Club at NC makes up just a small fraction of that. We are committed to the belief that physical activity is crucial in the prevention and treatments of diseases and should be considered a form a prescription medicine

Jodi Steele


Talking about pop culture, nerd culture, board games, anime, and geek related films! 

Candice Stewart



The Greenhouse Club is a global initiative, we strive to create an environment that encourages values such as: sustainability, inclusivity, and the development of our member's agency in being positive role models within their community. The Greenhouse Club is a place where students of any experience level, can feel welcome to learn from, and assist each other with their academics and extracurricular activities.

Illija Josic

NC Health &
Wellness Club

To find out more about this club, please email the club president!

Skyler Hockley

Don't see one you like? Start one now!

The NC Hospitality, Finance, and Technology Professional Group

We are an international non-profit organization that has connected financial and technology professionals within the hospitality industry since 1952. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas and the Niagara College Chapter was chartered in December 2018. "HFTP offers you access to hospitality finance and technology focused resources and tools to help you excel in your profession and deliver solutions to your workplace". If you are interested in joining our club or have any questions, please email us - we'd love to connect!

Annissa Giesbrecht

HR @ NC 

We are a student run club here at Niagara College. Where we pride ourselves on our guest speakers of industry professionals, our community events, as well as amazing networking possibilities. If you are interested in joining our club you will not be dissapointed. Like our page on Facebook (HRNC) to keep up with the latest news, or hit the email now button below! 

Lindsay van der Vechte

Breanna Addabbo

Jack M Bull Film Society

To put it simple: "We Watch Movies!" Want to also watch movies? Join our society! 


Joshua Sabourin

LOL: Loving out Loud - LGBTQ2+ Club

This is L.O.L Club. We want to welcome you to our LGBTQ+ family and tell you that your experience at the college can be a great life change for you. We are open to receive people from diverse groups of religion, ethnic, legal, political, and educational backgrounds which people might identify with. Here is what to expect from us: we will have meetings, events, discussions, activities, and more!  

Dalton Bird

The World Modern Martial Arts Federation

Martial arts is a discipline, a fitness regimen, and a form of self-defence that's useful for all ages. Research shows that it offers a myriad of benefits for the body and mind. While the physical benefits and advantages of Martial arts are apparent, the mental benefits can't be discounted.

Roozbeh Roshani


To get a full description of the merge club, and what they do, send an email to the president below!


Aaron Middleton

The Music Club

For a full description of The Music Club, the contact info is below!

Joseph Santiago

The Muslim Student Asssociation

For a full description of this club the contact info is below!

Saleem Sial

Nerds & Geeks Club

We offer a range of activities and events for those interested in joining a close knit group of friends and fans of everything nerdy. We also offer opportunities for students to host their own events and learn how to be a leader themselves!

Nenad Milenkovic


A club geared toward office administration students, packed with events and networking opportunities for those interested in the OA Jobs. 

Becca Morton

Pharma Crew

We are an extracurricular academic club that will be focused on creating familiarity and camaraderie between students in Niagara College's Pharmacy programs.


Chae Oliver

The Society for Ecological Restoration - SER

A Club for people who care about environmental problems and want to discuss issues relating to global warming, pollution, and climate change. 

Kiersten McCutcheon


ncStewards represents a group of environmentally focused Niagara College students. Our goal is to promote and engage in practices that further the objective of sustainability on campus and within the Niagara community.Please visit our website:

Lindsay Taylor

Sustainable Agriculture Club

The Sustainable Agriculture Society serves to provide a space for learning, networking, and professional development to those with a passion for agriculture, environmental restoration, and healthy food. We discuss improvements to common production methods, soil health and biology, the relevant science behind sustainable agriculture, and delve into the practices that pose solutions as well as remediate the problems created by conventional agriculture.


Andrew Cordier

Traditional Gidha Club

Looking for members for our Punjabi Cultural Dance Club! 


Jeevan Grewal