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About Your 

Learn all the important stuff about us!

Welcome to the "About" page for Your NCSAC! Here you'll learn all there is to know about this amazing organization. Your NCSAC exists to constantly be improving the student life experience here at Niagara College. We'll leave the education to the amazing faculty, but the fun stuff outside the classroom? We got you. Whether it is the services that help you day to day, the food outlets on campus where you get your lunch, or the club that you'll meet your new best friends at, that's where we come in. In fact, we're kind of like your best friend on campus. So, come say hi!

NCSAC Mission

Creating a supportive and inclusive environment through exceptional activities, relevant services, and ethical advocacy that meets the needs of our student community

NCSAC Vision

We; Represent, Support and Enhance Student Life


These are the rules that coincide with our constitution. While the constitution governs our incorporation, these are the day - to - day rules that we follow. These help guide us through each and every decision we make. For your copy, click the link below. 

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