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 Frosh kit giveaway! 

A free frosh kit And you can win a $1000 tuition credit!

This is real. You didn't read that wrong. Your NCSAC is giving you a free Frosh Kit, and, by registering through the form below you are one step closer to being entered to win a $1000 Tuition Credit or a $250 Amazon Gift Card. It is literally that easy. 
Of course, there are some stipulations... 
1 Frosh Kit per student

 (so even if you register 100 times, you'll only get 1 Kit) 

Make sure you're following us on Social Media! (we'll check)

Frosh Kits will be mailed to your student address (where you'll be living between August 27th - September 3rd)

So please ensure your address is 100% accurate. 
This is available to ALL Niagara College Full-Time students. (Int or Dom) Both new and returning!

***If you are an international student studying virtually from your home country and plan on coming to Canada this year,

your box will be available for pick up when you arrive at the college.

If this is you, please use the Welland Campus Address as your address below:
100 Niagara College Blvd - Welland Ontario, Canada, L3C 7L3***