NCSAC Nourishing Minds 

 Emergency Grocery Gift Card Program

Your NCSAC is here to help!

These are crazy times. Thankfully the government has stepped up with a number of support systems. That said, they might not be enough, or you might not qualify.

That's where we can still come in.  


Notice: The $50.00 Walmart Digital Grocery Gift Card Program - that was put in place to assist students during the transition period between March 13, 2020 and June 12, 2020 - has come to an end as of Monday, June 15, 2020. As government assistance and part - time jobs become more rapidly available, we have transitioned to a more emergency based grocery support system. 

Your NCSAC is now continuing the Nourishing Minds Emergency Grocery Assistance Program effective Monday, June 15, 2020.  This program has always been available to Niagara College students that find themselves in an emergency food situation and will continue to support our students to the best of our abilities.

All applicants must complete the application form.  All application forms will reviewed, but as this is now an emergency program, not all applicants will receive a gift card.  Applicants must be enrolled in Spring/Summer 2020 semester and complete the section at the bottom to help us understand what your needs are.

If you are currently receiving benefits, getting assistance through other sources or are working full or part time, we ask that you not apply at this time. 

As in the past, (prior to March 13, 2020) President Choice grocery gift cards will be provided to eligible students in $25.00 increments once per month and will be valid at Zehrs or No Frills grocery stores.

When filling out the form, please ensure that you read each section carefully and answer all questions fully and provide correct information.

Please note that funds are limited and only those students deemed to be in an emergency situation will be issued a card.

This form is now CLOSED