5 Mental health services on Campus

College can be a wonderful thing, meeting new friends, gaining new knowledge and so much more... BUT we also understand the stress and difficulties that can come along with it, sometimes it can have an impact on your mental health. That's why at NC, we have you covered. There are many mental health options available to all students on both campuses. Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland campuses have help available on and off campus for students in need. “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a medical problem, just like heart disease or diabetes.” The American Psychiatric Association

1.) Student Health 101 Magazine

The Student Health 101 Magazine is a tool used that students can use to gain access to resources and information about mental health. Whether it is for you, a friend or a family member, the magazine has monthly features that can give you access to feel-good articles, healthy breakfast ideas, strategies for dealing with stress, sexuality, empowerment, and so much more. The portal is also available in the app store for free (Student Health 101) Or on your computer

2.) Thrive @ NC

Thrive is a program designed to help students thrive at Niagara College, even when they are going through some of their lowest moments. No matter what it is, someone is always here to help you through whatever it might be dragging you down. Whether it be academic or personal, Thrive @ NC is a program that is offered for 10 weeks during the academic term:

Wednesdays in NOTL, 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, January 22 to April 1, 2020

Thursdays in Welland, 9:30 am to 11:30 am, January 23 to April 2, 2020

For more information, you can contact Erica Jurus at

3.) Speak to a counselor

Niagara College is dedicated to promoting positive mental health and reducing the stigma. There are counselors on-site at both NOTL and Welland, and the best part is that it’s totally free. If you are facing any challenges that are academic, financial, and personal or just really need to talk to someone, NC has your back. You book an appointment by filling out this form:

Walk-ins are also available at both campuses: AH125 (Welland campus) W102 (NOTL campus)

4.) Student Wellness Check

Are you concerned about a fellow classmate or friend? Do you feel like they might need someone to talk to? Are you too afraid to ask? Niagara College has an anonymous wellness check program if you think anyone might be in need or at risk. Wellness Check requests can be submitted to If you are unsure if a Wellness Check is required, you can get more information here:

5.) Crisis Support for International Students

Traveling to a new country for school can be an exciting once in a lifetime experience, but starting life in a place where you don’t know everyone can be stressful. From things such as language and cultural differences, transitioning into a new place can be scary. is a tool for international students to seek support at anytime 24/7, whether it be stress at school, loneliness, relationships and more. You can download My SSP App in the app store, or call 1.844.451.9700.

If you want more information about mental health services @ Niagara College, visit

- Ashlan

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