Benefits of joining a student club

Getting involved in clubs has its major perks! Aside from meeting new students, joining a club is a great way to get the most out of your college experience. Club participation in college sets the stage for career learning and networking opportunities. NCSAC student Clubs is a good place to start.

By visiting our clubs page, you can find an incredibly large variety of clubs set to fit any interest or common idea! College demands a lot of time, however devoting time to socializing with other students that share similar interests with you, reviving a favorite craft, and giving back to the community will prepare you for future endeavours.

Take a look at these benefits:

Learning and building new skills

Participating in different clubs and collaborating with diverse people enables you to develop new skills, including communication, leadership, teamwork and time management skills. Joining a club allows you learn new skills that you might not learn in a classroom, giving you more autonomy to manage time effectively, make practical decisions and coordinate notable events. Clubs provide functional skills that will help you rediscover a new you. Whether it is learning how to work with people, how to manage conflicts or trust other people, clubs will play an active role here.


A key reason to join a club is to build your resume. Employers prefer seeing that you were involved in community activities or engaged in club activities outside the classroom. Hiring Managers highly value college graduates that can assume leadership roles, in this case clubs help to cultivate the path. Joining a campus club will give you hands-on experience that sets you apart from other people.

Improves your time management skills

Balancing time between academic and extracurricular activities is an important skill to learn before entering the workforce. Having a work-life balance will help you thrive in your career.

Great networking opportunities

Aside from networking on social media or LinkedIn, a rather exciting way of connecting with people is joining a campus club. Meeting club members with the same college degree that you have, will put you in a good position in the future. Why? Because you might end up in the same industry and they could act as a job reference.

Improves self-confidence

Contributing to the success of a club and participating in campus activities will not only give you transferable skills, but increase your self-confidence. Being part of a new club allows you to put yourself out there, work with new people, manage projects and appreciate your efforts. The more you participate in a club, the better you will feel about yourself.

Reduces your stress levels

You might feel quite anxious when joining a club, but socialization is an essential part of stress reduction. Socializing with other students in college will decrease a sense of loneliness, and likewise create a sense of safety and belonging. Interacting with club members and forming new relationships will make you feel less anxious about overall life challenges.

Joining a club gifts life skill that you will appreciate in the future. NCSAC allows you live your knight life dream by starting a new club and making a difference in the community.

For more information about joining or starting a club, refer to NCSAC website.

**Note: In order to participate in NCSAC Clubs you do need to be OPTED-IN to the NCSAC Clubs Fee. To learn more, check here.


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