Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day

I am here to save the day and save your bank account. Here are a few ways you can impress your bae on a budget this valentine's day!

I really hate to say it, BUT Walmart is your best friend, and I mean that. I am so dedicated to helping you guys impress your loved ones this year I went to Walmart myself to check out the prices, here is what I found. Flowers were as cheap as $5! There were TONS of options ranging from $5-$20. Right now, Walmart has small Valentine's day cakes and cupcakes for… $5! Yes, you can actually get a cake for $5 (I was shocked too, so shocked I took one home for myself)

Movies never seem expensive until you order popcorn and drinks and then it feels like a down payment on a home. You NEED to use this movie hack this valentine's day. Costco has movie passes for $25.99, and you get 2 movie admissions, 2 soft drinks, and 1 popcorn. Savings of nearly $30! Impress your date on a budget this year.

Date Night From Home: Valentine's Day does NOT need to be a consumer holiday. Whether it is you and your bae, or you and your bestie, planning an inexpensive, romantic night in is easy.

- Pick up a bottle of wine, (as cheap as $8.99 at LCBO)

- Pick up a cheap pizza (Little Caesars $5.99)

- Dim the lights, light a candle & put on a romantic movie

You do NOT need to break the bank to do something special for your loved one… and who even says you can’t do this for yourself? Self-care baby.

You don’t need to spend a penny to show someone you love or care for them this year. Try doing something simple and old fashioned like “20 reasons why I love you”, you can write them on your old cue cards that you never ended up studying with. You could even use them to create little coupons for your valentine with personalized gifts to redeem from free coffee to free back massages. Consider making a scrapbook with some photos and old ticket stubs from concerts, movies, etc.

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with a skating date. Tons of places in the area have inexpensive skating that is SURE to win your date over. The go-to spot for NOTL is most definitely Wayne Gretzkys (1219 Niagara Stone Road), it only costs $5 to skate for as long as you want, and they offer skate rentals. In Welland, you can skate even cheaper! At Jack Ballantyne Memorial Arena (501 King Street, Welland) admission is only $3.50. This is a cute, fun, CHEAP date for you and your valentine.

Happy Valentines Day you can thank me later!

- Ashlan

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