Featured Clubs of the week- NOTL. Nov 3-10/19

With several weeks already into the school year we want to make sure you are getting the MOST out of your student experience!

Over the next few weeks different clubs at each campus will be featured on your NCSAC student life blog!!

Be sure to check these clubs out!

**Note: In order to participate in school clubs you do need to be OPTED-IN to your Student Choice Initiative. You can learn more here.

NOT opted-in? NO WORRIES. Next semester just be sure to opt-in and you will not only gain access to all of the NCSAC clubs but you will also be privy to free events/giveaways and MORE for the rest of your term!!!!!

Here are your Featured Clubs for the week of:

November 3-10/2019

Dungeons and Dragons Club – NOTL

What: Dungeons and Dragons Club

Where: Library Study Room, NOTL Campus

When: Meets once a week 6:30-9:30, you can choose any day Monday through Friday

How to Join: email

Dungeons and Dragons launched an entire culture back in the 70’s and it is still going strong today. …It’s nerdy, it’s old school, it’s out there … and it’s hella fun!!!!!

Deavon Powell is the club president for the Dungeons and Dragons club. An accounting student on the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus who is no stranger to this incredibly fun and imaginative team game.

Last year the club saw an unbelievable surge of interest and he is excited see what this year brings. It is open to ALL players of any experience and they are always on the look-out for Dungeon Master’s (DM) as well!

This club meets weekly but has flexibility in which day works best for you…and you can join in at any time!!! Deavon notes many students have different start/end times for programs.

If you are interested but worried you don’t know enough? Rest assured this club LOVES new people, they are as passionate about sharing D&D as they are playing it!

Geek Up! Club – NOTL

What: Geek Up! Club

Where: E204, NOTL Campus

When: Meets once a week 6 – 8 on Thursday

How to Join: email

Geek culture is so much more than...geek culture and this club just gets it! Started by Candice Stewart, a Health Services Office Admin student, last year as a place for people of all different backgrounds to get together, hang out and have fun!

In Geek Up! you can expect a wide variety of different things to do from board and card games like Cards Against Humanity to watching movies and trivia nights that will leave you laughing and feeling socially satisfied.

Inclusivity is important to Candice and she welcomes everyone who is interested to join. No one in this group falls into any specific label but the one thing they do have in common is passion. Whether it is movies, video games, pop culture, card games, Pokémon, anime, cosplay, comic books, etc. etc. etc. this is the club for you.

They meet weekly on Thursdays in room E204 on the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus. Each week there is a different activity that is posted on a group page and members are welcome to come to one or all Don't pass this one by!

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