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What: Active Minds

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A club at Niagara College wants to give students a platform to share their voices around mental health.

Join Christopher Arsenault the co-founder of the club Active Minds at Niagara College to eliminate the stigma around mental illness. Alison Malmon initially founded Active Minds in the U.S., following the suicide of her older brother to raise mental health awareness among college students through student-to-student engagement and discussions. 

Inspired by his previous Psychology degree, Chris took a big step to start a student-led club dedicated to mental health conversations. The club which launched in September of 2019, has a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and consists of a 24-member student body. Chris believes that “no one chooses to be mentally ill and for that reason, people need to speak up and end the stigma around it.” 

Active Minds will facilitate discussions around mental health through town hall meetings, awareness campaigns, events and mentorship opportunities. Bringing students and guest speakers together is a key objective for Active Minds, to encourage students to seek help early and find a safe place for them to talk about mental health. With students often being stressed out and finding it difficult to share their mental health condition, Active Minds will make a positive difference at Niagara College.

When students are struggling, speaking up can be difficult and reaching out to close ones could become a problem. Having a stigma-free place such as Active Mind will inspire students to discuss topics on mental health and provide mental health resources to empower the student community.

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