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Are you wishing you could be apart of NCSAC without being a board member? Well are you in luck. There are so many student positions available to all students that are non board member positions. Does working in an environment that helps students by hosting and organizing events sound fun to you? Well I am going to go through the many positions that NCSAC has available for students.

If you find yourself in the Armoury or Core more than you are in class why not work there? There is an abundance of positions available in the student centres, whether you like to cook, serve, bartend, or even be a barista! Hours are flexible, and work around your class schedule! Oh did i mention you get weekends off? If this sounds good to you go to your student centre and say you are interested in working for them!

Another Student position available for students is the Student Events coordinator. If you find yourself going to all these NCSAC events wishing you could be apart of the planning and the operations of these amazing events why not apply for the Student Events Coordinator position. P.S. there is a position for each campus!

The next Student position that is available is the Student Clubs Coordinator. If your looking to add organizational and people management skills to your resume this is the job for you. The Clubs coordinator organizes the clubs and helps them get started and helps them along the way throughout the year.  P.S. there is a position for each campus.

Do you want to be a part of letting the students know what’s going on on campus and help run events? Well than you sound like an amazing street team member. Street team members run our promotion booths to let our amazing students know what’s going on and help run events like our rise and shine program, karaoke nights, and much more.

The last position is the Student Marketing Coordinator position. This position is for those students that want to step up their Social Media game, learn how to write amazing blogs, and have a passion and interest in marketing. This position is the perfect first marketing job for anyone looking to get into this field. P.S. There is a position for each campus.

These jobs will allow you to get involved in student life without having the responsibilities of a board member. If any of these jobs sound good to you keep your eyes peeled for job postings in the next couple of months!

-Riley Chachulski

Your NCSAC Student Marketing Coordinator-NOTL

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