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Updated: Jan 28, 2020

If you are anything like me you've probably kept "get Grad Photo taken" tucked safely away on your "don't need to worry about that anytime soon" list and now find yourself in the middle of the final semester not only trying to ensure you've met your passing requirements, lined up that post grad job and squeezed in as much time as you can with your favourite classmates but when it comes to photos you don't even know where to start...

Rest assured fellow knights, I am here to tell you exactly how to cross Grad Photo's off your list (and actually enjoy the process while you do!)

The first thing you need is to goto the website and register your appointment. This can be found through the Your NCSAC instagram and webpage but also here:

The website is live and gives you real time availability.

Here is everything else you will need to know:

1. It doesn't matter which campus you get your photos taken at.

Studio Nostalgia will be set up at NOTL and Welland during different times (see below) They are prepared for ALL programs. So if it is more convenient for you to bus over to NOTL do not hesitate as they will have everything you need.

2. The process is FAST, it only takes 10 minutes!

It is almost unfair how quickly it went when compared to the hours it took just to straighten my hair but it's nice knowing how easily you can squeeze it into your day, especially with the last waves of homework hitting! I was a bit worried about feeling rushed but in fact it was the opposite. My photographers, Nigel and Ksenia were extremely attentive. Being someone who is somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera it felt as though they gave me celebrity attention, making sure my hair was tame, my chin was angled just right and (as per my request) that my lazy eye wasn't

showing. I am quite pleased with how it all turned out.

3. They supply all of your props but also encourage you to bring your own.

Though your gown covers most of your outfit it is still recommended that gentlemen wear collared shirts. Also, some of the poses are done without the gown so everyone should go in being aware of that and dress accordingly. In total they gave me 9 different "looks" with several different poses (think smile with teeth, smile without) There were a few fun poses where they encouraged me to add my own flare. Besides resorting to my signature'thumbs up' I proudly scrawled "2020 is THE year' on a sign for a few others making my photos unique to me. As I asked about each prop Ksenia informed me that sometimes students even brought in their own, for instance an automotive student bringing in a wrench. Studio Nostalgia recognizes these are your photos and work with you to make sure you see yourself in them.

4. Your $10 sitting fee will go towards your package!

Yes, like everything in life, there is a cost. But...considering the professionalism, quality and amount of lifetime bragging you and your loved ones will get out of these photos it is actually quite an amazing deal! Packages start as low as $75 with more options included as the price goes up. I know these photos will always represent the amount of hard work and dedication it took to finish my program and I look forward to hanging one proudly on my wall.

5. You will get access to your proofs as early as next day!

When you first walk in the room you must have your student #, this will also be your login to access your account. Once you are finished with your sitting it takes as little as 24 hours to have full access to all of your proofs! You will then be given 30 days to choose the package you would like, that is significant time to narrow it down, which is the hardest part!

So now that you have one less thing to cross off your list I want to wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours. I hope you enjoyed your college experience as much as I did and look back at these photos reminding yourself always how awesome you are for making it through all of those long days, group projects, readings, homework and exams!!

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