Holly jolly - student budget

Lets face it, exams and studying are making sure that the only thing getting lit this Christmas, is in fact the tree.

For some students this is your first Christmas living away from home. It can be tough, you have your family traditions that you cherish and its tough missing them for the first time. But you have a dorm room, start your own traditions! Let’s get decorating!

Here are some cheap and cool ideas to deck the halls of residence!

The Tree

First of all no holiday decoration plan is complete without a tree!The BEST place to get a cheap mini tree is the dollar store!

They have cheap, one-time trees that can be easily disposed of after the holiday season!

These can go on your desk, or even in the corner of your dorm room. Please don't hang them from the walls. The awesome folks over at residence probably won't like that very much.

The Ornaments

Ornaments are cheap and are easy to hang, anywhere!

Hang them from the ceiling, the fridge door, over the bathroom lights, along with the drapes! They are great for making anywhere festive!

A great idea is to hang string lights over the ceiling and drape ornaments on the wire!

Window Stickers

These window stickers make your room look festive inside and out! I recommend getting these from the dollar store as well!

These can also be stuck on to your bathroom mirror to give you the festive feel while getting ready in the morning!

The Fake Fire Place

Create a fake fireplace with mantel in your room and stocking with you and your roommate(s) name(s)!

It may not give actual warmth but it will surely give a warm feeling in your heart! Please don't actually try and make a fire place, though.. again, lets make the residence folks nice and happy!

Smell like Christmas!

Christmas Scents, Nothing gets you in the festive mood like the smell of Balsam, Cinnamon, Spiced apple, anything that reminds you of the love of the festive season!

I personally recommend Bath and Body works Wall Flowers, my favourite holiday scent is the Winter Candy Apple!


Finally, The Lights

Now for obvious! The String Lights!! Pick your favourite mix, White, Mixed Colours, Flashing, Led, Standard, there’s so many options! Lowes currently has a crazy good deal on getting

So enjoy decorating your space, enjoy the holiday season, and best of luck on your exams! You got this!

-Riley Chachulski - Student Marketing Coordinator