"It's scary at times, but so rewarding"

Amanda Volpatti - “I haven’t always wanted to be a paramedic but, I have for a really long time, probably since I was 13-years-old. The Premier Paramedic Program at Niagara College has allowed me to fulfill 13 year-old Amanda’s dream. At 22 years-old, in my second year of the program, I am now practicing in my field of study and loving every minute of it.

The hands-on experiences matched with the skills and knowledge we have learned in class have really allowed me to know I picked the right career path. I love the thrill, the fast pace environment and the stimulation to my brain. We’re always learning and getting ready for the real world. It’s scary at times but so, so rewarding. I would have to say the “ride outs” and placement work is my favourite asset of the program. As a student, (if you can believe it or not) we’re able to go out and work with Niagara EMS and literally practice the skills we learned in class. We are fortunate enough to be able to answer some patient questions, assist with procedures and attend to emergency medical calls with active professionals in the field. If it was not for our professors and our “paramedic bible” (aka medical directive booklets) we would not be prepared for these tasks. Niagara College has equipped our program with experienced professionals who are currently active paramedics. Each and every one of them are truly amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. This creates an amazing environment to be a part of, it is a honour to be able to learn from them. If you are committed and work really hard, not only on your school assignments but on

your fitness as well, you will find this program as rewarding as I do! ” Written by: Shianne Stephens - Public Relations Post-Grad student Marketing Coordinator

Amanda Volpatti
2nd Year - Primary Care Paramedic Student

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