• Katherine Heykoop

March into Spring!

Updated: Mar 9

I’ve had this giddy feeling all day… and it is directly related to the sun shining because spring is literally right around the corner!!!!!

Yes, days are becoming longer, lighter… soon to be filled with scents of blooming flowers and fresh breezes… and NO MORE HIDING UNDER BULKY COATS! Spring is the ultimate time for fresh beginnings and of course, the BEST part??

Spring cleaning!

*crickets* Ok fine…you got me. Maybe ‘cleaning’ and ‘best time’ don’t always go well together…buuut I promise you these FIVE spring cleaning tips will leave you feeling calm, organized and ready for the final home stretch and summer break.

1. Laundry

I am sure you have been keeping up regularly with your laundry…right? If not it is time to tackle those corners that have been piling up with discarded pants and used towells. And don’t stop there!! Spring is the best time to wash your comforter, pillows, throw blankets and curtains!

Extra step: Change up the sheets! Now that the sun will be going down later why not a bright cheery design to match the mood!

2. Wardrobe

Once you’ve caught up on all that laundry it is the PERFECT time to start transitioning your wardrobe. I use Rubbermaid containers to store my off season clothes, it makes them easy to transport and move, but if you know you are heading home soon you can also store them in clear bags or why not start packing them in your luggage?

Extra step: Spring is a great time to re-evaluate your wardrobe, anything you’ve outgrown can be donated for someone new to start enjoying them!

3. Let’s talk paperwork.

Just with the past semester alone did you rack up as much paperwork as I did? Tax papers, paystubs, homework, to-do lists and doodles are currently living in EVERY nook and cranny. Designate ONE area your "paperwork spot" and collect all of those loose leafs Separate what you need to keep and what you can recycle and if possible put them in different envelopes or file folders!

Extra step: Pick up a box or accordion folder to hold the folders, keep a shoe box for memories and those doodles you just can’t part with.

4. Time to get down and dirty.

This part best works with a bucket, dish soap and microfibre clothes ...a good playlist doesn’t hurt. Fill your bucket with hot soapy water and start in one corner of your dorm. Start at the top and you are going to work your way down wiping the ceiling fans, walls, baseboards, table tops, table legs, bed legs, etc., etc., etc.!

Plus note? It's also a work out!

Extra step: Go green, read the labels at your local store and choose the most eco-friendly option!

6. Decor

What better way to complete a full spring clean than a spring MAKEOVER.

Easiest way to update your room in the most springiest of spring ways? Simple. Adopt a plant! Plants are a quick way to brighten your space and add to your quality of living. There are many different plants that work in all types of situation, from lots of sunlight to little or none. Just be careful…plants can be a slippery slope!

Extra step: Did you know the Niagara College Green House on the NOTL campus is open to the public? All plants are grown by students and all plant sale revenues are used to support the educational programs at Niagara College!!!

Well there you have it, March 19th we are ready for you!!!!


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