Need 2 know April 8-12

Need to know

What is up Knights! Two weeks left, I repeat, two weeks left! Hope everyone is finishing up well, and working hard to get those assignments and exams done and over with! Seeing as we are focused on our exams and assignments there isn’t a whole lot of things going on this week so this will be a short update!


Bag it and Tag it Promotion

If you have a lot of garbage and junk to throw out while you're packing up your apartment or house NCSAC has you covered with free bag tags! Make sure you get them soon because they will not last long.

From the College:

Convocation RSVP and information:

For those of you, who are not returning back to us in the Spring or Fall,convocation information is now available! Even if you do not plan on attending make sure you RSVP as a courtesy.

Course Feedback:

This is your chance to express your opinions on the courses you took during your studies! If you feel anything needs to be said this is your chance!

National Dentist Hygienist Week Event:

On Tuesday, April 9th from 11:30am-1:30pm in the AHI foyer, the senior dental hygiene students will be celebrating National Dental Hygienists Week. This year’s event will be in a “carnival” format, where students will host a number of dental related fun games and events. There will be a mini bake sale, as well as drinks, popcorn and candy “floss!” The event will showcase both oral health, and the dental hygiene profession. There will be many opportunities for prizes to be won!

Well that’s it for this week! Good luck on your exams, and projects and enjoy your last couple of weeks of the semester!

-Riley Chachulski

Your NCSAC Student Marketing Coordinator -NOTL

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