What is up Knights? Hope everyone is enjoying this much warmer weather outside and enjoy the sunshine. Can you believe that we are already on week 5 of this semester, how crazy is that! Here are some of the deets of things going on this week at NC!

From Your NCSAC:

Elections packages have arrived! If you feel like you want to be a part of student leadership this is your opportunity!

Tuesday Feb. 5:

- Rise and Shine Breakfast Program from 8am-9am in the Armoury or the Core!

- Friends Trivia Night in the Core. If you have binge watched every episode at least twice than this is the event for you. Grab your group of experts register your team today at and meet at the Core (Welland Campus) at 7!

Wednesday Feb. 6:

- Studentlicious 5:30pm at the Benchmark (NOTL)! If you ever find yourself wanting something just a little bit more gourmet than pizza and subs than this is your event. For full event details please visit

Thursday Feb. 7:

- We got game NOTL 5-10pm, this is the campus wide event that you are eventually competing against other colleges in Ontario for amazing prizes. Games include, FIFA 19, NBA2K19, and Super Smash Bros. Registration is required for this event, for full details and sign up please visit

- Karaoke Night in the Armoury: This event is sought after we keep having it! Warm up your singing voices and get ready to become an instant star! Karaoke Starts at 7pm but you are more than welcome to come early, gauge the crowd and mow down on some delicious Armoury Food.

From the College:


- Career Fair in Welland 10-2pm!


- Career Fair NOTL 10-2pm!


- Career Fair NOTL 10-2pm!

This should just about catch you up for all of the amazing things happening on Campus this week!

-Riley Chachulski

Your NCSAC Student Marketing Coordinator

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