work and play this reading week

Reading week is nearly here… and I think we can all agree it is MUCH needed. If your life is anything like mine, your reading week is not going to be spent sipping pina coladas on the beach… quite the opposite. For me, reading week is going to be spent catching up on all of my assignments, but it is important to mix some fun and self-care into that to reward yourself for surviving the semester up to this point. On that note, I know we are all probably in the same boat and have 1000 things to finish in the next little bit, these are a few of my favourite places in the area to procrastinate (and study).

Mahtay Cafe: this is 10/10 the coziest little cafe you will ever walk into. They serve tons of drinks all the way from lattes with cute little hearts on them to beer. This is a go-to if you want to get out of the house and catch up on a few assignments (or you just want coffee). (214 St. Paul Street, St Catharines)

Balzac's Coffee: I cannot stress this one enough! This coffee shop is located right downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake. They have some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, and even better pastries to go along with it. (223 King St, Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Black Sheep Lounge: This is another highly underrated spot, amazing iced coffee, and even better food. This place has it all, and the food is all locally sourced (which is amazing) This is a go-to for everyone in Welland. (64 Niagara st. Welland)

Now that we're passed the studying portion, let's talk about a few things you can do in the region that are actually FUN this reading week.

Wineries, Wineries, Wineries! People do not take advantage of the hundreds of wineries in the region! This is such an awesome way to spend your day in NOTL doing tastings and tours all around the area, many wineries even offer tours for as little as $5 (we love that). A few of my favourites are Pilliterri, Trius, and Ravine.

Escape Rooms: There are escape rooms located in both St Catharines and Niagara Falls. They all have different theme options and take about 2 hours to complete. If you and a group of friends are looking for something to do next week, let it be an escape room!

Hiking: The best part about exploring nature is that it is FREE, and since we are all on a student budget, sometimes it is best to save your money for buffalo chicken wraps at the core… or is that just me? Anyways, Niagara has SO many different trails for you to explore. Sometimes it’s priceless to be able to put your phone down and just be one with nature (but of course get insta stories first). Here are some popular spots in the area.

Bruce Trail, Talbot Trail, Woodend Conservation Area, Decew Falls

I hope this was a good combination of work and play to help you keep your grades up but also have a little fun… you deserve it!!!


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