spread love not germs

Ahhh, choo. The flu season is here and it is just in time to mangle your presentations and major assignments. There are not many things as dreadful as the quick onset of drippy noses, scratchy throats and body aches that make even sleeping miserable. Just thinking about it spikes the temperature… but we aren’t here to share germs, we want to provide you with a toolbox to share healing during this season of sneezin’.

If there is one thing harder than suffering yourself it is to watch another and that’s where we come in. If you notice your roommate is looking a little green, be sure to let them sleep in and surprise them with this ‘Flu Care Kit’ to help them get through the pain.

#1. Hydration and fuel.

It’s hard to want to eat or drink anything when you aren’t feeling good but having proper hydration is essential to getting through the flu.

Help your roommate by making sure they have a few choices to hydrate. A large water bottle, orange juice and chamomile tea is essential for sickies. Honey to sweeten and flattened gingerale are those extra thoughts that go a long a way.

Don’t forget to provide some fuel, a scratchy throat usually makes solids less than desirable but chicken noodle soup, oatmeal and jello can really hit the spot when you haven’t seen the sun in a few days.

#2. The Big Tissue

With the end of the year approaching, the time for our favourite red nose character may be coming up, but we don’t think your roommate will appreciate you referring to them as Rudolph. Sometimes the flu sets in so fast you find yourself stuck in bed with a roll of toilet paper to stuff your snuff. Make sure your roommate has a box of tissues, you can even find ones made with lotion.

A trick for this addition is to add a bag. No one has time to walk their tissues to a garbage when they’re in and out of fever dreams. If moving a garbage receptacle into the room isn’t an option leave a bag for your roommate to stuff their refuge in.

#3. The Sound of Silence.

We get it. You guys are close. It’s an exciting time of year. There are LOTS of things happening on campus. But for the next day or two be sure to keep the noise down. Use headphones where possible and meet friends on campus or try out new local spots. Your roommate needs plenty of sleep to reset and the more chance they have to rest the better off they are. Just think how exciting it will be to catch up when the re-emerge.

#3. Bed Dread.

At some point your roommate will come to. Yet it still may take them a day or so before they are ready to venture back into the hallways and that in between time is perfect for catching up on projects and assignments. We all know what happens though when it’s all work no play... Sure the flu is a good excuse to binge all of those missed Netflix series but sometimes going old school is a fresh form of entertainment. If you want to kick up your care kit don’t forget this aspect by providing a magazine, comic, puzzle book, etc as a fun treat to flip through

Well we certainly hope this is just a good read and flu season skips both you and your roommate this year. A good way to make that happen is by getting your flu shot!

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