Don't pass up these Upass adventures

By: Katherine Heykoop

14 million people travel to the Niagara Region every year and it’s no wonder. I mean, we have Niagara Falls, loads of wine, the Greenbelt, arenas, music venues, endless shopping, the BEST doughnuts ever, festivals, sporting events, and frame after frame of beautiful scenery... and YOU, yes YOU have access to ALL of this with your student ID… which is also your bus pass!

I get it not everyone relies on the bus and if you do, you might see it just as a means for getting from point A to point B. However, sometimes with the expenses it takes to run a car it’s nice to park it and you might be surprised to see all of the places you can adventure to on our regional transits.

Sit back and get inspired. We will provide you with the tools to start building your trips, all you need is to charge your phone, grab a friend and get ready to start exploring!!!

*Important to note before planning your trip.

The Niagara Regional Transit will take you from one city to the next. You can access these schedules by clicking here.

We’ve also marked our noteworthy places with this easy legend to help you know what to expect!

IG: Your Instagram account is going to love you for going here SH: Solid shopping location FD: FOOD. Good food! ET: Entertainment location

St. Catharines / Thorold

St. Catharines is the largest city in the region, their transit system services both St. Catharines and Thorold. You can access routes and schedules here. Both known for their exciting nightlife, amazing restaurants and endless hiking trails. Home to the areas largest shopping mall, dozens of spas and a stretch of beautiful-all-season-picture-perfect beaches along Lakeshore Rd. This area really has it all and is a quick bus ride from both Welland or Niagara-on-the-Lake making it a good daily destination whether you are looking for a short adventure or to spend an entire day!

Things to check out: Port Dalhousie - IG, FD, SH 62 minutes from Welland Campus, 57 minutes from NOTL Campus

Beechwood Donuts - IG, FD 39 minutes from Welland Campus, 17 minutes from NOTL Campus First Ontario Performing Arts Centre - ET 37 minutes from Welland Campus, 15 minutes from NOTL Campus

The Pen Centre - SH

31 minutes from Welland Campus, 29 minutes from NOTL Campus

Port Colborne

Bring your walking shoes and be sure to check out the stunning canal paths, find out bus schedules and routes here. You will not be disappointed by the quaintness of this historic town.

Things to check out:

Breakwall Brewery - IG, FD 46 minutes from Welland Campus, 126 minutes from NOTL Campus

Roselawn Mansion - IG

52 minutes from Welland Campus, 120 minutes from NOTL Campus

Niagara Falls

One of the most exciting places to visit in the region, check out the schedules and routes of their transit here. When most people think Niagara they think Niagara Falls. Between breathtaking scenery and the excitement of Clifton Hill which is wild and busy and will get your heart racing with all of the action. You can definitely spend an entire day easy here.

Things to Check Out:

The Falls - IG

94 minutes from Welland Campus, 57 minutes from NOTL Campus

Clifton Hill - IG, FD, SH, ET

103 minutes from Welland Campus, 44 minutes from NOTL Campus Festival of Lights - IG

97 minutes from Welland Campus, 64 minutes from NOTL Campus

The Whirlpool - IG 133 minutes from Welland Campus, 34 minutes from NOTL Campus


Also known to locals as Rose City you can check out the Welland Transit routes and schedules here. Welland’s downtown is right on the canal and spotted with amazing murals. Take the time to walk around and take in all of the art. Walk the Merritt Island trail to take your own pictures and head to Chippawa Park to see if you can find the Leon’s founders’ statue to take a selfie for good fortune!

Things to check out:

Chippawa Park - IG

15 minutes from Welland Campus, 93 minutes from NOTL Campus The Seaway Mall - SH

7 minutes from Welland Campus, 83 minutes from NOTL Campus

Merritt Island - IG

15 minutes from Welland Campus, 95 minutes from NOTL Campus

The Blue Star - FD 19 minutes from Welland Campus, 98 minutes from NOTL Campus

Niagara - On - The - Lake

Check out the NOTL Transit here. One of the most picturesque places you will ever see. Imagine a Hallmark movie, it shouldn’t be hard considering they actually shoot some of them here! Horse driven buggies passing by the impossibly beautiful houses and manicured lawns. Cutest place you will end up all year. It gets even better in the Winter, and around the Holidays!

Things to check out:

Queen Street - IG, FD, SH 39 minutes from Welland Campus, 15 minutes from NOTL Campus

Fort George - IG

39 minutes from Welland Campus, 15 minutes from NOTL Campus

The Outlets - IG, FD, SH

39 minutes from Welland Campus, 0 minutes from NOTL (it's across the street!)

Well there you have it, your bus pass can take you to all of these places and more! When you post your pictures from your UPass adventures be sure to tag @yourncsac so we can check them out!