Voting Time!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hello Knights!!!! Are you ready for an EXCITING week ahead?

It's all starting with our NCSAC Elections where ALL students get a say in who is elected as your student representative for the Niagara College Board of Governors, and students who have remained opted-in to the NCSAC Membership fee will ALSO get to vote for their school of study Board of Director and NCSAC President!

Not sure if you are opted-in or not? Don't worry, your ballot will automatically reflect who you are able to vote for.

I am going to help you know exactly WHAT to expect and HOW to vote!

You have until March 12th @ 4PM to cast your vote.

Voting is done ONLINE. You should have seen an email come in today to your student email. Don't have your email set up on your phone? You can easily log on through blackboard! That's what I did!

The email looks like this:

The link will take you to a page that looks like the following (Keep in mind I have opted-in, so I see the option to vote for president and my school of study board of director, if you have NOT opted-in you will only see an option to vote for Student Representative of Niagara College Board of Governors):

Scroll down on your email to view the candidates, you will also have the option to read their BIO's to help you decide who you think will represent YOU best.

This is what it looks like for me, I am taking Business - Sales and Marketing and I vote for the Director of Business Management:

You DO get a chance to confirm once you have decided, I would show you but come on, that is TOP SECRET!

After you are finished voting you will see a confirmation page:

See wasn't that easy?? And I did it the hard way, from my laptop. You can do this DIRECTLY from your phone!!!

Why is it important you vote?? Easy. Your elected student body will be representing YOU and YOUR school of study. They will bring issues that affect you to the board and work to make changes on your behalf. In addition to all of that, every year each group of candidates help to shape the vision and direction of the NCSAC organization!

You can learn more about the CANDIDATES and check out our FAQ at, there is also campaign information ON the ballot (that is so handy!)!!

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