Work work work... but on campus

Working while in College is definitely a great thing, having that extra income while away from home is sometimes critical. Having a job on campus is an added bonus. Here are some fellow students who work on campus giving their insights into their experiences:

Ashley Caume – Horticulture Student

Niagara College Greenhouse:

Why the Niagara College Greenhouse?

“I decided to work for the NC greenhouse to get more hands-on experience within my program which is Greenhouse Technician. It allows me to put the skills and technics I've learned in class and through my summer co-op in to practice and better hone them.”

Cons of working on campus?

“The only cons I can think of is you feel like you never leave school, sometimes a change of pace is nice. Or if you are a student that is dependent on bussing the main lines are shut down for the weekends. Depending on where you are bussing from/to the bus will only run on the 55 of every hour.”

Is it hard to juggle school life and work?

“It can be difficult at times to juggle school and work at the same time, it doesn't always leave one ton of time for free. It is possible but you have to properly prioritize, you will never be able to give enough to work and school at the same time. One will always cut into the other and that is why it's important to have a workplace that understands and accommodates a student’s schedule.”

Olivia Franko – Human Resources Student:

NC Expert:

1. Describe a typical day at work.

“I work at the NC Expert apart of the recruitment department at Niagara College. My job as a NC Expert is located at the information centre in front on the school. As an expert, it is my responsibility to answer phones calls regarding courses, deadlines, school environment and much more. I also conduct school tours for prospective students who are looking to join our college.”

Why NC Experts?

When I was in first year, I used to see students dressed in NC gear teaching others about the ins and outs of campus. That is why I chose to apply there. I have been so involved my past two years at Niagara College, and I want to show other students, perspective and current, the reasons why I chose Niagara College to be my home.”

Pros of working on campus

“The perks of working on campus is that it’s convenient! Before and even after class I can be scheduled to work. I love being able to go to my classes and then go to work. I don’t have to worry about driving home, getting changed to go to work, when you already are at work.”

Siarra – Sports Management:

Describe a typical day at work.

A day at work for me typically consists of letting people in and out of the gym, making sure people are wearing the proper gym attire and using the machines properly, and doing checks every so often to make sure the gym is clean and everything is put away”

Why did you choose to work there?

I wanted to work here because the hours work around my school and basketball schedule.”

Cons of working on campus

See people I know that I don't overly like, and feel like I am always at the school

Is it hard to juggle school life with work?

To me it's not hard to juggle school and work because I have minimal hours and it is easy to find someone to take my shift if it conflicts with my school work”

Working on Campus can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and you feel like you never leave the building but at the end of the day you’ll never find a more convenient place to work!

- Riley Chachulski - Student Marketing Coordinator

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