Student life - from Home 

You're at home, but still looking for support?

The following links or suggestions are great ways to remain involved, but from home, or to get some help you might need during this very difficult time! Don't see something you need? Toss us a message on here, or look us up on social media @YourNCSAC

Student Support from Federal Government!

The Federal Government has announced $9B in support for post-secondary students across the country. For the full breakdown of how the funding will be distributed, please click the link below. 

Need Some Fun Stuff to Do?

We're working together with departments from all around NC! You can find all the different 'from home' activities you can do! There's a full calendar of things we're doing over the next couple of weeks. 

Niagara College's COVID - 19 FAQ

If you've got questions, NC has put together a great list of FAQs that cover a lot of different areas. If you've got questions, definitely the page to go to!

Need Some Extra Support With Food?

We get it. Food insecurity doesn't end just because you're not on campus. This link will help put you in contact with a great organization that's doing everything they can to get food to the people who need it. 

Need some Mindfulness help?

These are definitely not the easiest times to handle. Mindfulness can definitely help. Thankfully, NC has an expert on Mindfulness and is live streaming through her Instagram Account! Michelle MacIntosh is a counsellor for Niagara College's Health, Wellness and Accessibility Services (HWAS) Department. 

For a full list of Mental Health Services from the HWAS that are available, open the document also below: 

Need Available College Services?

Niagara College has put together a one-stop-shop for NC services that are available. 

The link below will direct you to that page!