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Keeping track of everything said during a Town Hall can be hard! Writing down all of the links that were mentioned.. even harder. So this page will have everything we're talking about during our virtual Town Hall!

Student Support from Federal Government!

The Federal Government has announced $9B in support for post-secondary students across the country. For the full breakdown of how the funding will be distributed, please click the link below. 

We Speak Student Health Plan


Are you a domestic student enrolled in our health plan? There are lots of questions surrounding your plan, how long it lasts, and how you can use it during this time. 

They have put together a very comprehensive FAQ that is downloadable by clicking the button below. 


Also, if you'd like to talk to them directly you can do so

by clicking here 


We Speak Student also has an incredible Mental Health Support system available called Real: Campus. Which has live video chats available from 8am - 8pm every day. 

Being a good neighbour!
Pt. 1

We've worked with the Niagara Community to put together a full breakdown guide of how you can be just as awesome of a knight off campus as you are while on campus! 

The downloadable guide will walk you through all the ways you can be a good neighbour. 


Being a good neighbour!

Pt. 2

As much as it's important to be a good neighbour while you're living there, it's equally as important to be a good neighbour when you leave. If you're wondering what that means, we've got a solid FAQ available in the button below. 


Stats Canada wants to know how to help!

"In these difficult times, when everyone's lives are being affected by COVID-19, you can do something important for the student community. You can provide your perspective on the current crisis, by letting us know how your studies, financial situation and other aspects of your life have been affected by the pandemic."

- Stats Canada


Share the goods!

If you're in need of food, if you need assistance getting groceries, the amazing people who run "Share The Goods" are here to help, and are an incredible resource for you to utilize, OR, for you to join and help!


Live the best (virtual) Knight Life! 

Looking for the usual NCSAC Events you love? We're still providing some great events, just from the safety of our houses! This page will also have everything else that's happening 'around campus'. 

Use this page to stay up to date with events and happenings from all NC Departments. 


Locker Access During Campus Closure

​If you are a student who fits the following, click the button below: 

  • Graduating students who are leaving the Niagara region and would like to retrieve their locker contents;

  • Students who have contents in their lockers that are needed for spring term academic programs; or

  • Students who have items in their locker which need to be returned (and the College is holding their deposit).


William 'Bill' the Lawyer

Throughout your time as a student, there might come a time where you need some legal support. Be it with a questionable landlord, a simple affidavit for OSAP, or even something more serious, William 'Bill' Reid is a registered Lawyer with the Ontario Bar Association, and is here to help. Free of Charge. 

Bill specializes in helping students!



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