Welland Campus

SA 205
100 Niagara College Boulevard
Welland, Ontario L3C 7L3
905-735-2211 ext. 7659

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N010 135 Taylor Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0
905-641-2252 ext. 4225


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The 'Everything U-Pass' Page

From the links to get your schedules, to downloading the transit app, some key FAQs, as well as the dos and don'ts with your student card and u-pass sticker! 

 Need Your 2019-2020 Academic Year Schedules? 

 Need to download the Transit App? 

Here are some helpful tips to help preserve your u-pass sticker: 

1) Get a card holder and lanyard to protect both your card and your sticker (and helps with not losing it, too!

2) Put it in a safe place in your wallet/ bag

3) Do not share your u-pass with anyone!

Seriously. It isn't cool to sell or share your U-Pass, like.. at all. If you lose your U-Pass, and need to replace it, the fees for replacement have changed (as of September 1, 2019): 

First Time: 
$20 to replace card, $90 to replace U-Pass sticker. 

Second time (and every time after): 
$20 to replace card, $180 to replace U-Pass sticker


Now, if your U-Pass sticker is starting to show signs of wear and tear, come into the office and we'll replace your sticker for free. But, if you leave it till the point that it is unrecognizable, we will have to charge the replacement fee. 


Some FAQs

Can I share my U-Pass?

NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Like, seriously. NO. Your U-Pass is linked to your student account and CANNOT be shared with other students, family members, your dog, cat, neighbour, uncle, ANYONE. If someone else is found using your U-Pass, it may be confiscated and you may lose your U-Pass access and privileges for the remainder of the year. 

Which buses can I take with my U-Pass? 

All eligible students who pay the U-Pass fee can ride Welland Transit, Niagara Falls Transit, St. Catharines Transit, Regional Transit, Port Colborne Transit, Fort Erie Transit, Pelham Transit, and Niagara - On - The - Lake Transit. 

Where can I find route schedules?

The awesome folks over at Transit App have all your times and schedules available for you at all times, including GPS tracking of some buses, too! You can also find them by clicking here

How do I get my U-Pass?

Your Student Card with the valid sticker for the current semester is your U-Pass. If you still require your sticker, you can visit your NCSAC office to obtain the U-Pass sticker. NCSAC will verify if you have paid your U-Pass fee for the semester and hook you up with your sticker!

Why do I have to pay for the U-Pass even though I don’t use it?

The Ministry has implemented new rules around ancillary fees and U-Pass fees are outlined in the new government framework.  The Ministry has deemed transit to be an essential fee and therefore all students pay the fee, regardless of whether you ride the bus or not.