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This is a great start to an amazing job!


The Culture 

Working for The NCSAC is a working experience unlike any other. This is the 'wake up and smile on your way to work' job. This is the 'job your friends question if it is even a real job'. We work hard, but have a boat load of fun along the way. We come to work and help students day in and day out. Making their lives the best they possibly can be. Sadly we don't have an office dog, but could you imagine?!

Working for NCSAC is that job you've always wanted, working with the coolest people, doing a job that actually makes a difference every single day!

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The Offices 


The office space is modern, updated, and comfortable. A great mix of open concept and closed door spaces. 
Your work space is always busy! With board members, student staff, and students coming and going the energy never ceases. 


These are full of energy that will motivate you each and every day! If you're entirely OK with working in a hyper-positive atmosphere, then keep scrolling just a little further and apply now!


The Perks

Did we mention you'll work at one of the top colleges in Ontario?

Have evenings, and weekends off? (except for O-Week of course!) You'll get all holidays off, as well as a week at Christmas!

Sometimes we even get to do yoga with goats. ​

Here's some quotes from real peeps that work here and not some fake quotes we googled: 

"Being able to help students and adding to their College experience!"  - Ashleigh Raynor Student Services Assistant

"My position at NCSAC affords me the opportunity to see the evolution of students from their first day at Niagara College to their convocation; watching them grow, gain confidence and maturity and take on new responsibilities. It is exciting to be part of the student experience."

- Chris Williams Student Services Manager

WHO are you?

Super Cool

We're looking for people who are entirely ok with working in a family atmosphere and being supported by everone around them. Does that sound ok?

Hard Working

Being this awesome takes a lot of work, but at the end of the day when you know you've made a huge difference in a students life, it is all worth it. 

The Website

This is the website we use to find our great candidates. Click the following link to view job openings and apply! 

Got Questions?

Questions are cool! It is the only way you're going to get the answers you're looking for. If you have any, please email