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Want to Join an 

Joining a club is a great way to get involved on campus!

Wanting to get involved more on campus? Looking for something to do outside of class? Want to meet some awesome people who think the same way as you? Below is a list of clubs for both campuses that you can join TODAY!

We encourage you to join clubs at either campus, you can find the club's home base included in the list below.

Clubs are listed in alphabetical order.


Dive in to aquaponics an amazing system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics! Do you want to learn how to grow your own food while maintaining a stable ecosystem? We will have opportunities to experiment with different type of crops and rearing goldfish. Come submerge yourself in the wonderful world that's changing the tide of how we grow things!

Follow us on Instagram @amazing_aquaponics

Home Base: NOTL

President: Cooper Moro

African -Caribbean 
Association of
Niagara College

The club is for and by people of African and Caribbean heritage. Travelling far away from home and coming into Canada with little or no social or family support, this club will serve as a way to help African and Caribbean students integrate into the college thereby improving their entire college experience.

Follow us on Instagram: @acsa_niagaracollege

Follow us on TikTok: @acsa_niagaracollege

Like us on Facebook: African-Caribbean Student Association of Niagara College
Follow us on X (Twitter):  @Acsanc_


Home Base: Welland

President: Grace Stanley


Calling all movie lovers! Critique a variety of movies and discuss film elements with fellow students. Gain a new love for cinema of all kinds by actively watching the voted for movie in your own time and sharing your thoughts with other creative minds. Join now to be part of special events. All programs are welcome, low commitment and so much fun! Email if interested. 

Social Media: @ncblockbusters​

Home Base: Welland

President: Ren Kangas

Business and Growth Club

This club welcomes all of the Niagara College who are interested in Business and self-development. Let's grow our vision together!

The Business and Growth Club is a community dedicated to helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through continuous learning and development. We provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share insights and strategies, and expand their knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship, financial management, and self-improvement.

Social Media:
Instagram: @NC_BGC
LinkedIn: NC BCG

Home Base: NOTL

President: Andrei Melnikov

Campus Crafting Corner

Let's Get Crafty!

Do you want to bring out your inner artist? Try your hand at knitting or crochet? Try some new drawing techniques? Then this is the club for you! Our club is a space to work on your craft every week or learn a new skill! We'll learn from each other and share our love of art together.

If this sounds right for you, join us in the Campus Crafting Corner!

Instagram: @ncampuscraftingcorner


Home Base: Welland

President: Liam Premo



Our priority as Christians is to encourage one another in the fulfillment of our belief, help each other to succeed in maintaining academic excellence as students in Niagara College. Another aim/purpose of this club is to assist students to focus, associate, connect/network and to share each other's burdens.

Social Media: Instagram- @christianstudentclubnc

Campus: Both

President: Anthonia Nweke Ilozue

Dungeons &


Do you like roleplaying, facing a series of challenges and conflicts with compatriots, or creating dynamic characters with unique abilities and skills? Then welcome to Dungeons & Dragons. The dungeons & Dragons club is looking for a group of people who are interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons. We play online and also look for people interested in playing in person.

Home Base: NOTL

President: Scout Gillespie

Filipino NC

The purpose of this club is to welcome incoming Filipino students to the college and assist new and existing students academically in any way possible. The Filipino NC Society also aims to provide a community within the campus that can encourage students to grow and see their potentials, foster growth and build long-lasting friendships.

Home Base: NOTL
Social Media:
Facebook - Filipino NC Society

President: Junahbelle Romarate


HR@NC exists to connect emerging HR professionals to the workforce. Membership bolsters the HR student experience and provides students with the knowledge and support they need to succeed in the real world. Ultimately, HR@NC endeavors to synergize expert experience with student potential to enhance the human capital at Niagara College.

Social Media- Facebook /HRATNC & Instagram @HRATNC

Home Base: NOTL

Presidents: Ariana Canavan & Sakshi Devda

Financial &

Technology Professionals (HFTP)

Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals or HFTP is a global professional association for financial and technology personnel studying/ working in hospitality-related fields. The following link is for the official HFTP website: 

Follow on Instagram: 

Home Base: NOTL

President: Phil Ward

Knights Chess 


The Knights Chess Club, we believe that chess is more than just a game—it's a powerful tool for personal growth and development. Our mission is to introduce students to the world of chess and demonstrate how it can positively impact their lives.
Through the timeless game of chess, we strive to teach students valuable skills such as emotional control, resilience, and self-awareness. Chess challenges players to navigate complex situations, make strategic decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances—all of which are essential for success both on and off the board.
Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of chess, where every move teaches us something new. From overcoming frustration to developing resilience, each game is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
So whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, come and join us at The Knights Chess Club. Let's embark on this journey together, as we sharpen our minds, improve our memories, and unlock our analytical abilities—all while having fun and making new friends along the way. Are you ready to make your move?

Home Base: NOTL

President: Juan Gabriel

Knights Running 


A club where runners of all levels of experience can come together once a week to go on a run together and socialize. The Goal of this club is to help connect runners at Niagara college so they have someone they can just go on a run with or train with for an upcoming race.

Social Media: 
Instagram: @Knightsrunningclub

Home Base: NOTL

President: Nathan Pedro

Hispanic NC



A dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of Latino and Hispanic cultures.

Our mission is to facilitate connections among Latino students at Niagara College, fostering the development of new friendships and building a supportive network for exploring and celebrating the vibrant traditions and contributions of the Latino and Hispanic communities. Through a range of cultural events, educational programs, and social gatherings, we offer a platform for cultural exchange, learning, and community building.

Instagram: @latam_nc

Home Base: Welland

President: Cesar Lopez

Don't See One 
You Like?



The Muslim Student Association Club at Niagara College aims to provide a platform for Muslim students to come together, network, and support each other in their academic and personal lives. The club also seeks to promote cultural exchange and understanding by organizing educational and social events that showcase Islamic culture, beliefs, and traditions. Ultimately, the Muslim Student Club creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for Muslim students to express themselves, find community, and grow as individuals.

Social Media: @NCSAC_MSA

Home Base: NOTL & WC

President: Asrar Asrar

NC Choir

Singing at events throughout the year on campus and parades, open houses winter activities and so much more. The NC Choir Club will allow people to get out to sing together.

Home Base: NOTL

President: Cole Macdonald

Niagara College 

The Niagara College Badminton Club (NCBC) is open to all Niagara College students who want to play badminton recreationally. Players of ALL badminton skill levels are welcome! :) Come join us at the gym to play some badminton and socialize with fellow student club members.


Home Base: Welland

President: Christine Fong

Niagara College Dance

Step into the rhythmic world of NC Dance Club! From the lively beats of salsa to the latest hip-hop vibes and the graceful movements of jazz dancing – you name it, we've got it. Join us for an unforgettable fusion of styles, where passion converges on the dance floor.

Home Base: Welland

Social Media: 
Instagram: @niagaracollegedanceclub

President: Mingqian Zhang

Nepali Student

The idea of The Nepali Student Association is to provide a unique space for cultural exchange, promoting Nepali traditions, music, and fostering a sense of community among Nepali expatriates and those interested in the rich cultural tapestry of Nepal.

Social Media- Instagram: @nepalassociationclub

Home Base: DJP

President: Bipul Rai

Niagara College
Game Club

Looking for friends to pass the time and play games with outside of classes?

Come enjoy console games, board games, and card games. Or meet up online in our Minecraft server or get together in a group call to play any online game. Any skill level is welcome, and you don't need to be competitive. Just have fun, make friends, and enjoy your college life to its fullest.

Home Base: Welland

President: Zachary Meisel

Niagara College
E-Sports Club

Welcome to the Niagara College E-sports Club.

In this club, you will find charity events, tournaments, fundraisers, game sessions, giveaways, and much more!

Instagram: @_ncesports

Home Base: Welland

President: Nolan Palmer

NC Indian
Student Association

The NC Indian Student Association fosters a vibrant community that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of India. Our association provides a platform for students to connect, share experiences, and engage in cultural events, promoting a sense of unity and understanding. Through a variety of activities, we aim to enhance cultural awareness, support academic endeavours, and create a welcoming space for all students interested in Indian heritage.

Join us in embracing diversity and building lifelong connections.

Instagram: @indian_student_assc
Home Base: NOTL Campus

President: Pratham Khaneja

Niagara College 
Rainbow Knights


We are your safer space, we are your 2SLGBTQIA+
advocacy, we are your Niagara College Rainbow Knights!


The Niagara College Rainbow Knights is a student-led gay
straight alliance club dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity, and
acceptance at Niagara College. As a club member, you will enjoy a safe space to be yourself, make life-long friends, and all while enjoying college life.


You will enjoy board game nights, video game nights, queer-themed movie nights, parties, partnered events with NCSAC and Niagara College, and club events in partnership with Brock Pride and Pride Niagara.


The club welcomes all students. Whether you are a student who proudly identifies as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, still figuring things out, or standing as an ally, we welcome, support, and love you, just the way you are.

Home Base: Welland & NOTL
Follow on Social Media: @ncrainbowknights

Join their Discord: Click Here

President: Bruin Pol

The button below will bring you to a Microsoft Form. In order to reach this form, you need to be logged in with your Niagara College Student Email. 

Nigerian Students at 
Niagara College

This includes creating a conducive and fun environment for all her members academically and socially. This is an organization that unites the minds, culture, and fellowship of Nigerians (Africans) and NC students as a whole; by developing members who strive to achieve academic excellence, portray Nigeria in a positive light and ultimately improving the Nigerian community.

NSA does not discriminate and is open to all ethnicities, creeds, cultures, religions, and is an anti-hazing organization. We also do not support hazing in any way, shape, or form. We wish to showcase Nigerian and African culture to anyone interested. All are welcome to join!

Home Base: NOTL & Welland

President: Oluwatosin Blessing Okeosisi

Niagara College
Pakistani Student Association


We are a group of international Pakistani students located at both Welland and DJP campus who have come together to create a platform for all Pakistani students who are looking for a safe and positive space to express and share their interests and likes. We will be having regular meet-ups and events where students can form connections and have a good time!

Social Media- @ncpsac on Instagram

Home Base:  NOTL & WELLAND

President: Roshni Saleem

The NC Badge Brothers & Sisters

The NC Badge Brothers and Sisters Club are a group of students who are studying for a future career in Law Enforcement. The club brings together students in the programs from the School of Fitness and Justice, with the emphasis on Justice. As a collective group, we want to raise awareness about social issues that arise not only in the student community, but as well as in our local communities throughout the Niagara Region. We will work with community agencies to come speak with the students of the Justice programs and collaborate ideas which will then be shared with the students at Niagara College.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our club and being a part of a change, awareness, and advocacy in making our communities better. If you are a student in the School of Justice, please click “Join Club”.

Social Media: @ncbadgebrothersandsisters
Home Base: Welland

President: Melissa Graham

The Green Campus 
(The GCI)

The primary goals of the "Green Campus Initiative" (GCI), are to promote environmental education, nature conservation, and sustainable practices on campus, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment towards environmental stewardship among the student community. GCI will collaborate closely with stakeholders, including indigenous groups, students, staff, NCSAC, and community organizations, to create a positive and lasting impact on our campus and its surroundings.

Home Base: NOTL

Social Media: @ncsac_gci

President: Hishram Clifford

The NC Writing Club

The NC Writing Club will be a creative sanctuary for wordsmiths and storytellers at Niagara College!

Features of the Club:

Weekly Writing Sessions: We will host quick writing sessions where members engage in writing exercises. Whether you're into fiction, poetry, non-fiction, or even screenwriting, these sessions provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with your writing and receive constructive feedback.
Critique Circles: Constructive criticism is crucial for growth as a writer. The NC Writing Club facilitates critique circles where members can exchange feedback on each other's work in a respectful and encouraging environment. This helps refine writing skills and develop a keen editorial eye.

Membership is open to all Niagara College students, regardless of their writing experience or academic program. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your writing journey, you'll find a warm and supportive community at our club.

Home Base: NOTL

Social Media: The NCWC Discord Server

President: Diane Kohler

In Tech 

A dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to empowering women of all skill levels in the world of coding and technology. Whether you're taking your first steps into the coding realm or you're already a seasoned programmer, this club is designed to foster a supportive environment where women can come together to learn, collaborate, and flourish. From introductory coding sessions that break down complex concepts into simple terms to advanced projects that challenge your skills, we've got something for everyone. And if all you require is a little extra assistance with your coding assignments, rest assured that we've got you covered. No matter where you are on your coding journey, you're welcome to join our community of women as we embark on this journey together.

Home Base: Welland

Social Media: @ncwomenintech

President: Julia Parson

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