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Joining a club is a great way to get involved on campus!

Wanting to get involved more on campus? Looking for something to do outside of class? Want to meet some awesome people who think the same way as you? Below is a list of clubs for both campuses that you can join TODAY!

We encourage you to join clubs at either campus, you can find the club's home base included in the list below.

Clubs are listed in alphabetical order.


Dive in to aquaponics an amazing system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics! Do you want to learn how to grow your own food while maintaining a stable ecosystem? We will have opportunities to experiment with different type of crops and rearing goldfish. Come submerge yourself in the wonderful world that's changing the tide of how we grow things!

Follow us on Instagram @amazing_aquaponics

Home Base: DJP

President: Amanda Saulnier


The club is for and by people of African and Caribbean heritage. Travelling far away from home and coming into Canada with little or no social or family support, this club will serve as a way to help African and Caribbean students integrate into the college thereby improving their entire college experience.

Home Base: Welland

President: Grace Stanley


Calling all movie lovers! Critique a variety of movies and discuss film elements with fellow students. Gain a new love for cinema of all kinds by actively watching the voted for movie in your own time and sharing your thoughts with other creative minds. Join now to be part of special events. All programs are welcome, low commitment and so much fun! Email if interested. 

Home Base: Welland

President: Ren Kangras



Do you like roleplaying, facing a series of challenges and conflicts with compatriots, or creating dynamic characters with unique abilities and skills? Then welcome to Dungeons & Dragons. The dungeons & Dragons club is looking for a group of people who are interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons. We play online and also look for people interested in playing in person.

Home Base: DJP

President: Deavon Powel


HR@NC exists to connect emerging HR professionals to the workforce. Membership bolsters the HR student experience and provides students with the knowledge and support they need to succeed in the real world. Ultimately, HR@NC endeavors to synergize expert experience with student potential to enhance the human capital at Niagara College.

Social Media- Facebook /HRATNC & Instagram @HRATNC

Home Base- DJP

President: Kristen Boccia



Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals or HFTP is a global professional association for financial and technology personnel studying/ working in hospitality-related fields. The following link is for the official HFTP website: 

Follow on Instagram: 

Home Base: DJP

President: Phil Ward



This club is on hold until September. Check back then to connect!

Singing at events throughout the year on campus and parades, open houses winter activities and so much more. The NC Choir Club will allow people to get out to sing together.

Home Base: DJP

President: Cole Macdonald

NC eSports

This club is on hold until September. Check back then to connect!

Gaming for all! Mainly PC focused but consoles have some fun and competitive titles as well. The main idea of the NC eSports Club is to bring everyone together to compete and play for fun and possibly more seriousness for some bragging rights! May even be possible to line up online matches against other schools. It's all a work in progress and very much a new idea. If you have questions OR even better any suggestions or ideas to make this even better, don't feel afraid to reach out! Everyone is welcome!

Home Base: Welland

President: Russel Wyatt


We're a club compromised of both 2SLGBTQIA+ and Allies dedicated to promoting inclusion, diversity, and acceptance at Niagara College. As advocates for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, we march for tolerance and change and continue to drive positive progress on campus.


We also provide support to help students adjust to college life and become part of our community in the form of a safer space. By working closely with various college departments, we also bring resources directly to our members. Further, to build a more inclusive and supportive environment, we also host a range of events like queer-themed movie nights, game nights, board game nights, and parties.


We're also proud to collaborate with NCSAC to bring Pride-related events to our members and the broader student population to further promote awareness and acceptance.

Home Base: Welland

President: Bruin Pol


This includes creating a conducive and fun environment for all her members academically and socially. This is an organization that unites the minds, culture, and fellowship of Nigerians (Africans) and NC students as a whole; by developing members who strive to achieve academic excellence, portray Nigeria in a positive light and ultimately improving the Nigerian community.

NSA does not discriminate and is open to all ethnicities, creeds, cultures, religions, and is an anti-hazing organization. We also do not support hazing in any way, shape, or form. We wish to showcase Nigerian and African culture to anyone interested. All are welcome to join!

Home Base: DJP & Welland

President: Oluwatosin Blessing Okeosisi


We are a group of international Pakistani students located at both Welland and DJP campus who have come together to create a platform for all Pakistani students who are looking for a safe and positive space to express and share their interests and likes. We will be having regular meet-ups and events where students can form connections and have a good time!

Social Media- @ncpsac on Instagram

Home Base: DJP & WELLAND

President: Roshni Saleem


At the Running Club we believe a healthy body creates a healthy mind. Every week teachers and students are welcome to join us on 5k,10k, and15k runs. We will also host special events like mountain runs, gym workouts, yoga and various fun activities. The Running Club is here to help individuals build endurance and stamina while clearing the mind. We will also learn about personal development and how to push ourselves beyond our limits.

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30am to Run!

Home Base: DJP

President: Nicholas Lewis

Personal Growth, Business and Investments Club

This club welcomes all of the Niagara College who are interested in Business and self-development. Let's grow our vision together!

The Personal Growth, Business and Investment Club is a community dedicated to helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through continuous learning and development. We provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share insights and strategies, and expand their knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship, financial management, and self-improvement.

Home Base: DJP

President: Andrei Melnikov


TEDx is a Ted talk where people get to share inspirational and motivational stories. You can share a story that had a very big impact on you or maybe even something that you don’t relate to. This club is made to help anyone who wants to share their thoughts and to help inspire and motivate others for the better. I would like to also make the audience engaged too by adding a game in the end or maybe some music and food so everyone could leave satisfied!!

Home Base: Welland

President: Jannah Aly

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