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Your NCSAC Scholarships.

Are you an awesome student, doing awesome things?

If you're the type of student who is always willing to help others, volunteers at any opportunity, and is a leader in the NC community, then we invite you to apply for one of our scholarships!

Your NCSAC has $35K in scholarships available to be awarded to 16 recipients. Please note, the window for application for these scholarships has closed. 

Step 1\ Complete Budget Form

To apply for either of these scholarships, you will need to complete a budget form.
To access this form, download through the link below

NCSAC President Scholarship 2x $5000

The NCSAC President's focus is on leading the organization in a positive direction and motivating others to achieve various goals. This scholarship is for students who have proven leadership skills and have excelled academically receiving a term average of at least 90% in the most recent academic term.
To apply for this scholarship, please click the link below: 


NCSAC Director's Scholarship 12x $1650

The Directors act on behalf of their program-specific student body to advocate for their ‘school of’ by providing feedback and student-focused ideas and solutions to the NCSAC Board of Directors. The Directors work with the Associate Deans to maintain a positive working environment between NCSAC and the various departments of Niagara College. 
To apply for this scholarship, please click the link below:


NCSAC Memorial Scholarship 2x $2000

The Memorial Scholarship is designed to recognize students who strive to be more involved on campus. Student - life is also about taking advantage of the many extra-curricular and volunteer opportunities Niagara College has to offer to enrich student's lives. 
To apply for this scholarship, please click the link below: 

Step 2\ Apply for Scholarships. 
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