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Are you an awesome student, doing awesome things?

If you're the type of student who is always willing to help others, volunteers at any opportunity, and is a leader in the NC community, then we invite you to apply for one of our scholarships!

Your NCSAC has nearly $50K in scholarships available to be awarded to 32 recipients.

The deadline for this year's applications has passed. 

To apply for either of these scholarships, you will need to complete a budget form.
To access this form, download the fillable PDF through the button below

Step 1 - Complete the Budget Form (this is Mandatory)

Step 2 - Apply to a Scholarship
You can apply to multiple if you are eligible!

NCSAC President Scholarship 2x $5000

The NCSAC President's focus is on leading the organization in a positive direction and motivating others to achieve various goals. This scholarship is for students who have proven leadership skills and have excelled academically receiving a term average of at least 90% in the most recent academic term.

NCSAC Director Scholarship

24x $1650

The Directors act on behalf of their program-specific student body to advocate for their ‘school of’ by providing feedback and student-focused ideas and solutions to the NCSAC Board of Directors. The Directors work with the Associate Deans to maintain a positive working environment between NCSAC and the various departments of Niagara College. 

NCSAC Memorial Scholarship

4x $2000

The Memorial Scholarship is designed to recognize students who strive to be more involved on campus. Student - Life is also about taking advantage of the many extracurricular and volunteer opportunities Niagara College has to offer to enrich student's lives

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