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These help you truly live the best possible Knights Life! 

This is a team of amazing people who come to work each and every day to help make your NC experience the best it can possibly be. They are passionate, caring, and just downright cool people! Each of them brings a set of skills and talents that help make NCSAC a great place to work. Want to join the team? Check the link at the bottom of the page. 

Jacob Dell

Jacob is your Student Services Assistant at the Daniel J. Patterson Campus. You can find him in N010. Our office is located at the bottom of the main stairs, just left of the Cafeteria entrance. 

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Roselle Neri

Roselle is your Student Services Assistant at the Welland Campus. You can find her in SA205. Our office is located just upstairs from The Core.

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If you have questions about transit, and how to get around the region. This page will provide you with answers or ways of getting answers to those questions.


William Reid is a licensed lawyer with the Ontario Bar Association. He specializes specifically in helping students for free!


If you need to pick your plan, or opt out if you have equal or greater coverage this is the website you need to go to. 


If you've got a like-minded idea for a club, there's a good chance another student does, too! Either join a club, or start your own today!


The Nourishing Minds Program functions to help eliminate food insecurity for students. Find out more by clicking the button below! 


You've worked so hard for your graduation, why not show it off! Book your Grad Photo sitting by clicking the link below! 

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We want to shine recognition on the amazing students we have here at NC by providing them with well deserved scholarships! 


Questions are cool! It is the only way you're going to get the answers you're looking for. If you have any, click the button below!

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