Your  NCSAC Services 


These help you get through your year! 

Meet your Student Services Team!

Ella, Heather, and Alieshia are your Campus' Student Services Assistants. There is very little they don't know the answer to when it comes to NCSAC Services, and most things NC!

If you have questions, or need help with something

 send them an email!

Daniel J. Paterson Campus

Ella Ferguson

Daniel J. Patterson Campus

Alieshia Allen

Welland Campus

Heather Benton


If you have questions about transit, and how to get around the region. This page will provide you with answers or ways of getting answers to those questions.


If you need to pick your plan, or opt out if you have equal or greater coverage this is the website you need to go to. 

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The Nourishing Minds Program functions to help eliminate food insecurity for students. Find out more by clicking the button below! 


If you are looking for a place to live, with safe and respectable landlords or to learn your rights as a tenant click the link below!


Tired of scrolling through a million Facebook groups trying to find a used textbook? This website cuts out the searching and makes it easy! 

Under Construction


William Reid is a licensed lawyer with the Ontario Bar Association. He specializes specifically in helping students for free!


If you've got a like-minded idea for a club, there's a good chance another student does, too! Either join a club, or start your own today!


Faxing services are currently suspended until we can safely, physically, return to our offices. 

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You've worked so hard for your graduation, why not show it off! Book your Grad Photo sitting by clicking the link below! 


Questions are cool! It is the only way you're going to get the answers you're looking for. If you have any, click the button below!


We want to shine recognition on the amazing students we have here at NC by providing them with well deserved scholarships!