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Your plan totally has you covered! 

Whether it is monthly prescriptions, a dreaded trip to the dentist, or new glasses to help you see the Powerpoint; the plan provided by the awesome folks over at We Speak Student has you covered! The best part? You get to pick the plan that works best for you, or stick with the balanced plan that has a little bit of everything. Please note, though, this plan is for Domestic students only.


Are you an International Student? Please visit:

What are the Plans and Coverage options?

There is 4 Plans to choose from they are:


  • Balanced Plan (Auto-Enrolled)

  • Enhanced Drug/Vision Plan

  • Enhanced Dental/Vision Plan

  • Enhanced EHC/Vision Plan

For full details on each plan, and what is covered, download this PDF

Important Dates

Fall – September Start Programs

Semester Start: September 1st

Opt Out Deadline: September 30th by 4:00 pm.

Winter – January Start Programs

Semester Start: January 2nd

Opt Out Deadline: January 31st  by 4:00 pm

Spring – May Start Programs

Semester Start: May 1st

Opt Out Deadline: May 31st by 4:00 pm

*** You can opt out ONLINE ONLY at  ***

Making a Claim

When making a pay-direct drug or dental claim the pharmacist or dentist will need to know the following plan details:

Your Group/Plan number is: 513980

Your ID/Certificate number is: Y00 (your 7-digit student ID #)

Your Provider is: ClaimSecure *Stop by your NCSAC Office for your 'Benefits Card' *

E - Profile Setup 

Create your Profile account at for faster and more efficient online claim processes. You can easily submit claims, track claims, review claim history and set up direct deposit of your refunds! Note: AD&D claims can only be submitted via paper claims.

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