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Welcome to The VIK

Are you a Very Important Knight? 

The answer is yes, btw! With a VIK card (and your NC student ID) you'll have access to discounts all across the Niagara Region! From groceries and smoothies to haircuts and so much more! Want to grab your card? Please stop by your campus' NCSAC office and chat with our front desk staff. 

The Pen Centre Offers

221 Glendale Ave. St. Catharines Ontario

The Pen Centre is located on Glendale Ave just off the 406! 

Seaway Mall Offers

800 Niagara St. Welland Ontario

The Seaway Mall is located on Niagara St at the corner of Niagara St and Woodlawn Rd (roughly 10-minute walk from Welland Campus)

Are you a Business or Retailer?
Want to join the
VIK list? 

Email Myra Pisano - NCSAC Marketing Coordinator today!

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