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Student Transit
Info & FAQ

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to transit, we encourage you to submit a Transit Feedback Form ​

Click Here. Or, Please visit our offices to speak with a Student Services Assistant or, click on the live chat! 

Routes, frequency and transit regulations may change at any given time.
Please continue to monitor the Niagara Region Transit website for any changes.

Click here for more info


If you are on your break for the summer months ( May - August ) you will not have access to the UPass. 

Download the Transit App and register with your NC Student Email - that is the one that ends like: - on the Niagara Region Transit Portal on the App

Register by May 1st to get your UPass by May 3rd. You can ride the bus with your NC student ID card during the grace period: May 1st - 17th. 


**After May 17th**If you are looking to activate your UPass, please download the Transit App and visit the NCSAC office at your campus to complete the activation.

To download for Android Phones, CLICK HERE

To download for iPhone, CLICK HERE

  • What is the U - Pass?
    The U-Pass is a Universal Bus Pass program, which enables eligible Niagara College students, the ability to ride all Niagara Regional Transit buses during their programs of study at Niagara College for a mandatory fee of $265/semester.
  • What if I'm on my CO-OP semester?
    If you are entering a co-op semester, please note that you are not charged for the UPass Fee. If you require the UPass for your co-op, please email either for NOTL Campus students, or for Welland Campus students with your name, student number, and your request to opt into the UPass for your term. Once you've opted in, the UPass will be charged to your student account.
  • How do I register for my U - Pass?
    If you are an eligible NC U-Pass student (have paid the mandatory $265 fee in your semester of study), then you simply download the “Transit App” from the Google Play store or the Apple App store: Step 1: Download the Transit App Click here for IOS, Click Here for Android Step 2: Register your Transit App account with your NC Student Email. Your NC Student Email is what allows you to get the NC UPass. Step 3: Register by January 1st to see the pass in your account by January 5th latest. Any registration after January 5th will take 24 hours to 48 hours for the pass to show in your account.
  • Why don’t I see the pass right away after I register?
    The UPass will take 24hours to show up in your account. We encourage all students to register as soon as possible to have access to the pass for the first day of class.
  • Which buses can I take with my Niagara College U-Pass?
    All eligible NC U-Pass students can ride any Niagara Regional Transit bus with their U-Pass. The U-Pass also works for students looking to use Niagara Regional Transit OnDemand service. Use of the GO bus in NOT included in your U-Pass fee.
  • Does my U-Pass work on the GO Transit bus?
    No, your Niagara College U-Pass is valid for the Niagara Regional Transit and local buses branded with Welland, Niagara Falls & St Catherines. It is also valid for Niagara Regional Transit OnDemand transit. The GO Transit (large green buses) buses WILL NOT accept your U-Pass.
  • How did the students at Niagara College decide to implement the U-Pass?
    In 2023, NCSAC held a referendum (student vote) where the students at Niagara College approved a mandatory fee with a vote of 74% in favour for a U-Pass. A student referendum is recognized as a Ministry of College & Universities approved process to implement new mandatory ancillary fees at post-secondary institutions across Ontario.
  • Can I opt-out of the U-Pass?
    The U-Pass is a mandatory fee that all full-time students pay at Niagara College and cannot be refunded. We highly encourage all students to sign-up for your U-Pass even if your drive to campus. It’s a valuable tool if your car breaks down or if you’re out and about with friends. If you’d like more details on this process, please click here:
  • Where can I find transit routes?
    Routes to campus can be found on Transit App.
  • What if I have early morning/late night classes?
    Niagara Regional Transit offers a robust transit service with many buses starting at 7am and ending service at 10pm.
  • Do I have access to the U-Pass in semesters where I am not studying?
    Only NC students that are enrolled in active classes are eligible for the U-Pass. If you have graduated or are on a “break semester”, you will not be charged for the U-Pass and will not have access to the U-Pass program. You will have to purchase a daily, 31-day or 10-ride pass through Niagara Regional Transit during those times.
  • What should I do if I have a complaint about the U-Pass service?
    All students with U-Pass concerns are encouraged to fill out a U-Pass complaint form. Click Here
  • What if I do not have a phone to access the pass?
    Please reach out to if you do not have a phone to access the pass and NCSAC will work together to make sure you get access to the U-Pass.
  • Does the UPass work on the Niagara Falls WEGO buses ?
    The UPass will provide students access to the Red and Blue lines of WEGO. It does not provide access to the green line.
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