do awesome things with people who also like those things

Clubs are an AMAZING way of meeting like-minded students on campus. They're a great way of creating communities on campus that promote inclusiveness, and long lasting memories, too! Starting a club is the first step to improving not only your campus life experience, but possibly the experience for so many more around you! Creating a club has never been easier. This page will outline what a club is, the perks you get, as well as the online process to turn your club dream into a reality. 

Looking to join a club, not start one?

First things first... what is a club?

A club can be broken down into two different categories. These categories will help define what your club is, as well as the purpose and goal behind it's creation. Check out the following descriptions to help you make your decision



A club that is related to your program of study. In example, the HR club, or the Nursing Club -  Ps, these two don't exist yet, so be awesome and start them? 

These are clubs that have goals that focus on a common idea, belief, or general support initiative. Everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Religious based clubs!

Secondly, who is running the club?

You're going to need a team of really great people to help ensure the club runs smoothly, and can help steer it in the direction you want it to go! The following are the required positions, as well as a description of what they are responsible for. 


icon 6.png

This person will act as the official club re-representative to NCSAC. The President is responsible for club operations and will prepare all club documentation. 

Executive Role


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This person will act as an official singing officer and will assume the club President's duties if they are unable to fulfill their role. 

Executive Role


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The Secretary Treasurer will act as an official signing officer (two are required). They are responsible for submitting all club receipts and club reimbursement cheques. This role will oversee and manage the club budget. 

Executive Role

General Members

Club Members are individuals who represent the club and act accordingly to the club's purpose. Club members are allowed to attend any and all club meetings. Clubs are encouraged to continue operating during the summer months, and return once again in the fall. 

All members, at all levels, must be 'Clubs Fee' paying students. If you did not pay the clubs fee, you can not be in a club. 

OK, now that you know your stuff. Time to make your club!

Nothing official in life happens without a little paper work, but don't worry we've made it really easy for you. The following are two separate forms for you to fill out! If you're here to simply reconfirm your club for another year, pick the 'Returning Club Button'. 

If you're here to start a new club, please view the club policy, and then click the 'Start a New Club' button! 

Returning Club?

Starting new?

You're not in this alone, we're here to help!!

This is your club, we won't really control your dream (other than some paperwork and policies...) BUT what we will do is financially assist your club, help with marketing your club meetings and events, as well as create an individual club email to help make process a little more simplistic and streamlined. 



Your NCSAC will help with SOME funding when it comes to activities and things you want to do with your club! 
If you're running an academic club, you are entitled to up to $500

If you're running a social/ cultural club, you are entitled to up to $250

You are also able to, if you wish to do so, charge a membership fee for your club. Typically we see upwards to $20 for an annual club membership fee. This is NOT mandatory, whatsoever. 


We have pre-made templates for advertisements on our digital signage around campus, as well as 11inch x 17 inch posters to help promote what ever it is your club might be doing. 

Planning an event? Maybe just want to increase your membership size? 

Your NCSAC Marketing team is here to help. 

You've got enough to worry about! Need help? Just reach out to your club coordinator to set this up!

 These are also done free of cost! 


From grades, to assignment emails, to group project stuff you've got enough emails going through your student account, right? 

Your NCSAC will set you up with an email account specific to your club! 

This way, if the president/ executive needs to reach out to members they can do so in a much more organized and official means. 

To get one set up, simply reach out to your club coordinator and they'll help get it all set up for you. We want to make this all easy for you!