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Want to Start an

Do awesome things with people who also like this awesome things!

Clubs are an AMAZING way of meeting like-minded students on campus. They're a great way of creating communities on campus that promote inclusiveness, and long lasting memories, too! Starting a club is the first step to improving not only your campus life experience, but possibly the experience for so many more around you! Creating a club has never been easier.

Are you looking to join a club?

Is your club returning, or are you looking to start a new one

Nothing official in life happens without a little paper work, but don't worry we've made it really easy for you. The following are two separate forms for you to fill out! If you're here to simply reconfirm your club for another year, pick the 'Returning Club Button'. 

If you're here to start a new club click the 'Start a New Club' button! 

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